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Hydroponics farming – farming with the help of hydroponic tents and hydroponic lights. Hydroponics, otherwise known as water culture is a technique in which varieties of plants are grown under Hydroponic tents and Hydroponic lights without soil to supply the plants with nutrients. Instead of using soil as an agent to supply nutrients to the plants, water mixed with minerals and nutrients is used as an agent to provide all the necessary nutrients and minerals to the plant. Hydroponics has seen great progress, especially in the past century because of the bigger harvests that one was able to get while growing the plants under Hydroponics tents and Hydroponic lights, irrespective of the seasons and weather conditions.

However, initial results that came out in the early 1900’s showed that that yield from plant being grown under Hydroponic tents and hydroponic lights is not at all greater than the yield from plants grown on soil. When the whole world thought that hydroponics is just another hoax, there was a major breakthrough.

Wake Island, an island located in the North Pacific Ocean was the place where hydroponics had some real success, one can say. The island barely had any soil to grow plants, and the islanders where able to get good harvests by growing the plants with the help of hydroponic technique. One of the important reasons why a section of people still think that hydroponics will be a huge success in the near future is because of the fact that the farmer can know the exact amount of water that he/she needs to use to grow a plant, unlike growing the plant in soil where he has very less knowledge about the amount of water to be fed to it.

Also, since the roots of the plants are under constant oxygen supply because of the hydroponic solution, the plant is generally much healthier. And, there is great possibility that you can door all your gardening and farming indoors as the light needed for the plants are provided by the hydroponic lights and protection for the plants with the help of the hydroponic tents. Moreover, the total cultivation cost less than half of what you spend for actual farming.

One of great advantage that you have while growing your plants in hydroponic tents under hydroponic lights is that you can shift the tent with minimum effort and even the water being used to grow the plant can be recycled.

Everything has its own disadvantage, hydroponics too. Even the maintenance cost is very low when compared to actual farming, the starting cost that includes buying hydroponic tents and hydroponic lights are a bit higher. The person who is doing hydroponic farming should have sound knowledge about the solutions to be used and plant conditions to ensure a successful harvest. But most of the hydroponic farmers say that once you are in to it, hydroponic farming is nothing but pure joy!

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