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About 5 Ton Bulldogpresses (S110)
Weight 18kg
Height 420mm
Width 190mm
Breadth 110mm

Plates (10mm Thick)
Height 28mm
Width 110mm
Breadth 90mm


Introducing our new DripTech model, now comes with improved Hydraulic system and a Lever that can change normal pressing into a DripTech system. Allowing this action of gravity makes collecting rosin much easier and gets the rosin away from the heat plates faster, to preserve the terpenes. Too much heat on the terpenes can be damaging and quality will be less potent.


How to use

  • Allow heat plates to warm up to desired temperature.
  • Put your product in the middle of the heating plates.
  • Tighten knob on the bottom of the Bottle Jack.
  • Slowly start pressing the heating plates together at a +- 30% strength, allowing terpenes to slowly melt.
  • While waiting, pull out the lever then tilt the press till it is resting comfortably on the lever.
  • Place a silicone mat or parchment paper under the plates to collect rosin.
  • Continue pressing for desired time period.

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