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Brand:Papa J
JADAM Wetting Agent 
JWA is a natural surfactant and emulsifier that can be added to you’re weekly IPM regime. JWA is a natural and biodegradable soft soap consisting of potassium salts of fatty acids resulting from the saponification of canola oil with potassium Hydroxide (KOH). JWA will assist in ensuring a proper surface coverage and the effectiveness of foliar sprays.
Natural Pectiside 
•  Foliar spray at 1-3ml per litre of non-chlorinated water.
•  Avoid spraying on hot and sunny days.
•  Use in conjunction with Potassium Bicarbonate for a very effective organically accepted fungicide. Excellent for WPM.
*All credits to this recipe goes to JADAM, check them out, HTTPS//en.jadam.kr/
Keep container tightly sealed and in a cool dry place.
Not for human consumption.
Keep out of reach from children.
Please recycle this container responsibly
Ingredients: Water, Canola Oil, Potassium Hydroxide
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